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Sapienza Universitá di Roma

SAPIENZA – Università di Roma

SAPIENZA – Università di Roma is one of the largest and oldest University of Italy and in the last fifty years it has provided more than twenty ministers to the Italian Government. The Dipartimento di Informatica e Sistemistica ANTONIO RUBERTI (DIS) consists of about 40 faculty members, plus a technical and administrative staff of 15 members. It offers courses in Computer Science and Engineering both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and organises several Ph.D. programs, including one in Computer Science and Engineering. In the project, the DASIlab will be involved, which specifically targets the study, the design and analysis of novel service oriented architecture, semantic web technologies and methodologies, service orchestration and management, as well as the design and analysis of advanced user interfaces. The DASIlab prior EU involvements include the coordination of WORKPAD and SM4All, and the participation to recent STREPS/NoEs SEMANTIC-GOV,, DELOS, INTEROP as well as extensive ongoing EC project review and evaluation activities.

Key People

·         Tiziana Catarci , Professor.

·         Massimo Mecella, Assistant Professor.

·         Massimiliano de Leoni, Research Associate.