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Weightless standard for M2M

Weightless is the wireless wide area global common set of standards for machine to machine short to mid-range communications as well as the Special Interest Group (SIG) created to support it.Weightless is provided as a royalty-free open standard technology that has been optimised to address key requirements for sustainable M2M communications; which is not possible with traditional legacy cellular based technologies.From looking at Weightless, we can see two main advantages; it emphasizes on providing a dedicated communication for M2M to avoid burdening cellular or other wireless networks used for human communications, with no practical limits on the number of objects that can be connected to the network; and also Weightless enables M2M systems featuring a chipset cost of less than USD$2, a range of up to 10km and a battery life of 10 years; andARM, Cable and Wireless Worldwide, CSR and Neul have been appointed to the Weightless Board and Special Interest Group (SIG)More information and source: 


SMART VORTEX project and its initial results have been presented at the 2012 -2013 Sirius (Creative product development senior undergraduate) course, at Luleå University of Technology.In this course the students work for nearly a year with several industrial partners, including Hägglunds Drives AB and AB Sandvik Coromant, solving real industrial problems and gaining valuable experience. A four-color brochure for this purpose, in which the SMART VORTEX project is promoted, has been produced and it is available at the SMART Vortex/Downloads section.

SMART VORTEX report published

New just published SMART VORTEX report can be found and freely downloaded from our SMART VORTEX/Downloads section. The Specification of query language extensions report (D3.3) delineates the data stream query language (DSQL) chosen for the Smart Vortex project.  In SMART VORTEX, the search and analysis are specified using continuous queries (CQs) expressed in a data stream query language (DSQL). The ability to search and analyse high volume data streams in distributed environments with means of a data stream management system (DSMS), is a central technology for the project.

Management and analysis of massive data streams to support large-scale collaborative engineering projects

October 2010The goal of the EU funded project SMART VORTEX is to provide a technological infrastructure consisting of a comprehensive suite of interoperable tools, services, and methods for intelligent management and analysis of massive data streams to achieve better collaboration and decision making in large-scale collaborative projects concerning industrial innovation engineering.SMART VORTEX aims to reinforce EU competitiveness in industries working in complex collaborative scenarios, with massive data streams.SMART VORTEX will create suite of innovative high-impact components. The single most important outcome of SMART VORTEX is the integration of component results into an application solution platform infrastructure where its components are covering all target outcomes: capturing tractable information, delivering pertinent information for collaboration and decision support.

SMART VORTEX to attend SDPS 2011 Conference

SMART VORTEX will be organizing a special track on "Inter-enterprise collaboration and sharing" on the SDPS 2011 Conference.

Conference on Technology Innovation through Transformative Synthesis will be held in Jeju Island, Korea,  from June 12th. to June 16th., 2011.

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