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Fernuniversität Hagen


The FernUniversität in Hagen (FUH) is currently one of the biggest universities in Germany, with some  45,000 students and 1,700 courses. The FUH is the German centre for distance collaborative teaching and learning in virtual communities, including development and use of respective solutions. Higher education provided by universities requires continual re-orientation. Having accepted this challenge, FUH is today a university of the future for a world of tomorrow.

FUH’s Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Chair of Multimedia and Internet Applications: This research group, led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Hemmje is involved in research on Virtual Information and Knowledge Environments with special focus on distributed collaborative digital libraries, multimedia archives, information retrieval, filtering, linking, enrichment, personalization, and information visualization. In addition, the group has a strong background in middleware design for Mobile Computing with an emphasis on distributed, e.g., peer-to-peer, architectures and the management of distributed location data.

The group is building on research expertise from a long standing history in national and European projects: AUTOSOFT (High Level Software project reuse based on Automatic Domain Generation), COGITO (E-Commerce with Guiding Agents based on Personalized Interaction Tools), ETRDL (The ERCIM Technical Reference Digital Library), FAIRWIS (Trade Fair Web-based Information Services), HERMES (Foundations of high performance multimedia information management systems), HyperSM (Hyperstructure-Based Search Methods for the WWW), IMAGINE (Extracting Knowledge from Large Collections), MAGIC (Retrieval support through dynamic indexing), Medi@Train (Using New Media and Intelligent Assistance to Produce Teaching/Learning Sw for Continuous Professional Qualification), MERIT (Multimedia retrieval interface with case-based dialogue guidance), MIRACLE (Abductive information retrieval of multimedia data), PRIMAVERA (Personalised Retrieval and Indexing of Media Assets in Virtual Environments for Real-time Access), ProCORDIS (Multilingual indexing and search in  CORDIS databases), SCHOLNET (Digital Library Testbed to Support Networked Scholarly Communities), TREVI (Personalized Information Filtering, Linking, and Delivery for the News), VIKEF (Virtual Information and Knowledge Environment Framework), FairsNet (Online Solutions for Trade Fairs), CargoScoreCard (Visual Decision Support for Logistics), INNOVANET (Roadmap for Mechanising Innovation and Scientific Discovery), Innovation Accelerator (Supporting R&D as an Innovation Accelerator), DELITE Online (Support for knowledge management in research groups).

Key People

·         Matthias Hemmje.