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Grupo Inmark


INMARK is a business and marketing consulting company based in Madrid, showing a relevant background in EU funded RTD and innovation Projects.

INMARK has a track record of 31 years in business, starting at the heart of Southern Europe and expanding its activities throughout EU and Latin America. In spite of its SME profile, INMARK has branches in 7 countries, totalling some 300 qualified staff members.

INMARK provides a wide range of consultancy and management services to International bodies, governments, large corporations and SMEs in fields comprising Strategic market positioning; Business and Projects implementation planning and advice; Functional and resources optimisation initiatives and ultimately, extracting best possible value added from the adequate usage of human, technological, organisational and financial resources.

Since 1992, INMARK has been involved in more than 30 RTD projects co-financed by the European Commission, mainly in the area of ICT. Under the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Framework Programmes, INMARK participated in projects concerned with evaluation of telematic experiences in different regions of Europe, development and dissemination of best practices guidelines, telematics based solutions for economic and social cohesion, advanced communication and information services, teleworking and dissemination of multimedia technology. Currently, INMARK is Project Co-ordinator of  SHAMAN Integrated Project as well as of  four other projects.

This specific experience in EU RTD has allowed INMARK to consolidate a robust team of Technicians and Project Managers and gained expertise in performing tasks related to the identification and seizure of opportunities arising from research and technological development outputs, the evaluation of commercial feasibility and, ultimately, the management of entire project life-cycles and their spin-offs. INMARK is in a strong position to carry out tasks related to market research and analysis, users requirements, Dissemination and Exploitation of project results.

Key People

·         Ruben Riestra. Managing Director and partner of INMARK. Industrial Engineer & MBA.

·         Yolanda Ursa, International Area Manager for INMARK.